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Updated:  February 24, 2018

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Classifieds from WGC Members

For Sale                   Got something? Want something? Contact webmaster to post.

A few things specific to Glock 19's and a few other items if any who may be interested.

Bladetech Holster for Glock 19 with belt attachment and paddle.

Bladetech double mag holder for Glock 19

Blackhawk nylon double mag holder

Blackhawk nylon pistol slide holster

Otis 9mm Police cleaning kit. Never used.

Glock over the ear protection.

5.11 Downrange cap M/L in sand color. Still has tag on it. Just too big for me.  I would rather see it go to someone local. I would sell all together or seperate.

Email jon.mackinnon@yahoo.com

I am selling my collection of guns as I do not have a proper place to store them.the first 5 that I am selling are:


 1. An Armalite  AR-10-A 4, 308 with a 20 round Magazine, Nylon sling, 76 rounds of Match grade Ammo, 4 stripper clips and a black hard case. $1695


 2. A Beretta Model 70 S .380 Cal. with soft case. $395


 3. A Beretta 950 BS .25 Cal.  .22 Cal. assault type semi-automatic in Factory box with factory manual and 3 magazines and a leather holster. $385


 4. An ISSC MK 22 .22 Cal. assault type rifle with folding stock. $300


 5. Ruger Security-Six .357 Cal. Stainless Steel pistol with black leather holster. $450


I can be reached at capandre@aol.com

or by phone 954-232-6536. Captain Andre Hardy

FOR SALE: Collection of a recently deceased member
Contact: Butch Parker

(828) 264-9332, jkiii@bellsouth.net

Pacific press $15
MEC 250 shotgun press $30

MEC 650 shotgun press $100

Belding & Mull powder dump $35 vintage

Lee manual 410 reloader $50

Lee single heat bullet caster $40

Lee auto prime $18

Lyman M5 Scale $25

9 lbs. Reloader 7 $15 per pound

222 Hart bench rest rifle with heaver barrel and Lyman 20 power scope

Reloading and several boxes of brass. All bench rest (front and rear)

Powder and other things

Powder (most approximate)

 1 lb 748

 1 lb 4320

 ½ lb Hi Skor 820X

 1 lb FFFG

 ½ lb FFG

 1 lb 2400 (sealed can)

 ½ lb AL7

For sale a Dillon 550b 4 stage progressive press, with the following:

4 tool heads

shell plates or caliber conversion sets if you will.






and standard items coming with the unit.

Extras, another complete primer system

sm pr tube & lg pr tube

Asking price 650.00 over 840.00 new and has not been used but for about 900-1000 rds loaded.

CONTACT:   Marcus Mikeal  marcusmikeal@att.net



30-30 loading dies

30-30 brass cases

38 SPC round nose bullets.

Contact Gary Hoyle. 828-963-6307