Watauga Gun Club

Boone, North Carolina

Updated:  November 29, 2017

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How To Join

The interactive form (blue link above) can be filled out online then printed and signed. (Recommended)
All the yes/no questions and the shooting sports choices are check boxes. Click on the boxes to select your choices.  

Application Process

Complete an application and bring it to a club meeting.


Club meetings are held on the second Thursday evening of each month beginning at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse. Prospective members are to attend 2 meetings to be considered for membership.

Applicants introduce themselves to the membership at the first meeting they attend. A background check will be conducted and, dependent upon the results, applicants will be voted on by the membership present at the second meeting for acceptance into the club. Applicants who possess a concealed carry permit may be admitted to membership on their first visit as a background check has already been completed.

New members must complete a range orientation class and will receive a members packet that includes a membership card, a Watauga Gun Club Membership Manual, a Range Use Manual and gate card and code (if dues are paid). Failure to adhere to the policies outlined in the Range Use Manual can result in expulsion from club membership.

The official club by-laws regarding membership can be seen in the Watauga Gun Club Membership Manual.

The Range Use Manual is also online.


Range Use Members Manual