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Updated:  February 24, 2018

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Vintage Military Arms Match : 2017

This has become an annual event shooting antique military rifles, from World War II and earlier.  The side matches are open for all 1911 pistols and to government issue .22 training rifles of any country.

Entry Fee will be $10.00, to be donated to the youth shooters.  There will be no extra entry fee for either side match.

Fun, enthusiasm and education is the intent of this event; the antique rifles will be on display, and many will be available for shooting for those that are interested.    Hotdogs and snacks are generally available as well.

The match will be open to all “as issued” military rifles, open sights, designed prior to 1946 and issued prior to 1956.  The course of fire will be 10 shots standing, slow fire, and 10 shots prone, rapid fire.  Targets will be the SR-1 200 yd reduced target for firing at 100 yds.  

COF-Rifle COF-Side Matches Results 2017 Poster